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The aim of the PhD program is Educational Guidance and Counseling is to inculcate in students substantial knowledge base of principles of Guidance Counseling and its relationship to education. In addition, students will be equipped with advanced skills that will enable them develop their careers as counselors and or researchers in institutions and consultancy firms.


The Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) program is intended to achieve the following objectives:

a) prepare students to pursue career paths in Colleges and Universities also take up positions in relevant institutions.

b) Develop research/counseling skills and expertise in psychological/Counseling fields that would enable students generate new bodies of knowledge.


Maseno University admission requirement shall apply. To qualify for admission into the PhD program in Educational Psychology, candidates shall be:

a) Holder of Masters degree of Maseno University or any other recognized University in Psychology/Counseling and other relevant fields

b) Holder of other qualifications considered by Maseno University senate as equivalent to a Master’s degree in Educational Guidance and Counseling.


Maseno University regulations for PhD programs shall apply. The duration of a PhD program in Educational Guidance and Counseling for a student in full-time attendance will normally be a minimum of three (3) years and maximum of five (5) years. Students registered on part-time basis are expected to be registered for a minimum of four (4) years and maximum of seven (7) years. Continuance of Registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progress of students in their respective fields.


a) The program shall normally consist of six (6) units of coursework on advanced research methods in Psychology, examination, and thesis writing (39 units). The coursework shall normally be done within the first two semesters of both full-time and part-time studies.

b) Where a Doctoral student is found to be deficient in prerequisite research methodology course (e.g. level 8 or Master Course), relevant level 8 courses shall be selected by the student in consultation with the DPSC.


a) The Maseno University Examination Rules and Regulations for full-time and part-time candidates shall apply.

b) During the first semester of third year of study, the student will present a seminar paper derived from his/her own research project or any other relevant area. The paper presented will be in a shape that is publishable in refereed journals. Two internal assessors, with expertise in the student’s area of research, will be appointed (by the Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee. DPGSC, but in consultation with Director, SGS) to examine the seminar paper. The student will be considered to have passed if the paper is accepted for publication by a refereed journal.

c) Doctoral students will be expected to submit to the Director, SGS, through the Chairman FPGDC, the thesis research proposal within one academic year after registration.