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The Department of Geography offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Geography programme that is designed to produce graduates who are exposed to practical, theoretical, physical and human aspects of geography. The programme endeavors to prepare scientists who can confidently participate in development activities including planning of resource use and management.


The general objective of the Doctor of Philosophy in Geography Programme is to enable the students develop the highest level of scholarship, research capability and creative thinking in the student’s area of specialization. The specific objectives are to:

a) train students in the contemporary fields of Geography and spatial planning, exposing them to modern scientific research techniques;

b) enable candidates be employed in research and teaching post in institutions of higher learning, public and private sectors.


At the end of the two years study, the students are expected to have the following:

a) Highest level of scholarship, research capability, and creative thinking skills in the area of specialization.

b) Capability of applying modern scientific research techniques to do research on any geographical aspect and spatial planning.

c) Qualification to be employed as a researcher or Lecturer in public and private sectors.


To qualify for admission into this programme, the applicant should be a holder of either of the following:

a) A Masters degree in Geography from Maseno University or any other recognized University; or

b) Other qualifications considered by Senate as equivalent to a Masters degree in Geography.


The duration of the PhD programme shall normally be a minimum of three (3) years and a maximum of five (5) years for a full time student. A part-time student may be registered for a minimum of four (4) years and a maximum of seven (7) years. Continuance of registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progress reports.


Research and Supervision

a) A candidate registered for the PhD programme shall be required to pursue research under the guidance of a supervisor.

b) Senate shall normally appoint two supervisors for a candidate according to the University Examination Rules and Regulations for Post-Graduate Studies.


The University Examination Rules and Regulations shall apply.


The doctoral programme shall normally consist of thesis research only. However, level 8 (Masters level) course auditing shall normally be undertaken in areas of student deficiency. All audited course work shall normally be done within the first three semesters for both full time and part-time students.