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Music is central in our lives and, being multi disciplinary in nature, draws on musicology, composition, performing practice, ethnomusicology, psychology, philosophy, sociology and education. Its theories and philosophies strengthen and uphold cultural identities. The increasing multi-dimensional aspects of music call for training of high calibre scholars and performers who can also engage in cutting edge research.

This programme recognizes the multi dimensional nature of music and is therefore designed to enable candidates specialize in any of the following options:

a) Ethnomusicology

b) Music Education

c) Performance

d) Composition


The Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Music is intended to:

a) Produce competent professionals in Music who can further knowledge through scholarship.

b) Enhance critical thinking in the examination and analysis of contemporary and emerging issues.

c) Produce professionals who are able to undertake research and teaching at university and other institutions of higher learning.

d) Produce professionals who are able to apply music skills and knowledge in solving societal problems.


To graduate scholars who will demonstrate knowledge as:

a) Music consultants

b) Multidisciplinary Researchers

c) Music critics

d) Music educators

e) Music composers

f) Dance choreographers

g) Performing artists


To qualify for admission into the programme a candidate:

a) Shall be holder of Masters Degree in Music from Maseno University or any other recognized University.

b) Shall have other qualifications considered by senate as equivalent to Masters Degree in Music. .

c) Must submit to the director, School of Graduate Studies Board (SGSB) a full research proposal within six months after initial provisional registration to be given full registration.


A full time student for the Ph. D. Degree shall normally be registered for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. A part-time student shall be registered for a minimum of four years and a maximum of seven years. Continuance of registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progress.


a) The programme shall consist of 19 units of thesis only.

b) A course unit is defined as that part of a subject described by a coherent syllabus and taught normally over a period of a semester. It is designated as a total of 42 hours of study in a semester. For this purpose 1-one hour lecture is equivalent to 2-one hour tutorials or 3-hour practical or any combination as may be approved by the curriculum board of the department of Music and Theatre Studies. The units shall be taken as follows:

First Semester: Research Proposal: 3 units
Second Semester: Research Proposal: 1 units

Research only 3 units

Third Semester Research only 3 units

Fourth Semester Research only 3 units

Fifth & Sixth Semester Research/thesis Submission 6 units

c) Where a doctoral student is found deficient in areas necessary for PhD in music research work as determined by the department, then the student shall be required to audit the relevant courses from Masters Programme.


The common University regulations shall apply in the examination of Thesis