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Current trends in the pedagogy o the discipline of History in universities dictate emphasis on more contemporary issues relevant to domestic and international and aspirations. The programme covers several important themes that relate to the history of Africa and Africa in relation to the world history.


The Doctor of Philosophy degree in History is intended to enable the student:

i) Acquire in depth knowledge in an area (or areas) of specialization in History.

ii) Develop a multi disciplinary perspective on historical issues in ideas.

iii) Undertake independent research and teaching at university and other institutions and organizations.

iv) Apply historical knowledge and expertise in solving societal problems.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission into the Doctor of Philosophy programme in History, a candidate shall be a holder of:

i) A Masters degree in History from Maseno University or any other recognized university


ii) Other qualifications considered by Senate as equivalent to a Masters degree in History.

Duration of the Programme

A full time student for PhD degree shall normally be registered for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. A part time student shall be registered for a minimum of four years and a maximum of seven years. Continuance of registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progress.

Structure of the Programme

5.1 Courses are structured in units in which a unit is defined as one-hour lecture, two hours tutorial or three hour practical per week per semester.

5.2 The Programme shall normally consist of course work, examination and thesis.

5.3 The minimum units of coursework shall be 9 units; the maximum shall be 21 units, which shall be made up of at least 6 units of level 9 (Doctoral level) and the rest from level 8 courses (Masters courses).

5.4 All course work shall normally be done within the first three semesters for both full time and part time students.

5.5 Candidates for the PhD programme may be exempted from part of or all of course work requirements provided the Senate is satisfied that the candidate had done and passed at Masters level, course equivalent to the prescribed courses.