Maseno University

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The program provides a wide range of courses designed to lead to specialization in any two of the branches of philosophy, two areas of applied philosophy and one area of regional philosophies. The program is intended to meet the demands of institutions that may require professionals with specialized knowledge in philosophy.


Objectives of the program are to produce:

1. Critical minds that are eager and able to test claims and theories against observed facts and relate beliefs to evidence.

2. Critical minds that are able to examine the foundations of society and hence provide a basis for sound judgement about great issues of life.

3. Human resources that is able to render services both to the private and public sectors.

4. Critical minds that are able to examine and analyse contemporary & emerging issue.


Maseno University regulations shall apply.


The program shall normally be a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) academic years for full time students and a maximum of six years for part time students.


Courses are offered in units. A course unit will constitute a one-hour lecture per week per semester. The program shall consist of a minimum of forty two (42) units and a maximum of fifty eight (58) units. The student must take three (3) core courses and a similar number of electives (3 core courses and 3 electives per semester).