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Master of Arts Programme in Women in History

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The discipline of history has, for a long-time, been taught and theorized in academic circles as if women were invisible. History had, for so long, been the domain of men. However, at the beginning of the twenty first century, feminist scholarship is visible, and women’s issues need, therefore, to be addressed in an historical context. The programme covers several important themes that relate to how women have been portrayed in history and their participation in an contribution to development in time perspective.


The programme is designed to:

2.1 Enable students to understand the importance and value of the participation in and contribution of women to development through time.

2.2 Train professionals who will work in private and public institutions that deal with women and other related issues.

2.3 Impart analytical skills that will enable students to undertake doctoral studies and research in Women in History.


The Maseno University regulations shall apply.


The duration of the programme shall normally be a minimum of two academic years of full time attendance or a minimum or a minimum of four academic years of part-time attendance.


The programme shall consist of a minimum of a 42 (forty two) units and a minimum of 58 (fifty eight) units of coursework, examination and thesis distributed over 4 (four) semesters as follows:

First Semester: Coursework: 12 units minimum;

18 units maximum

Research Methodology 3 units

Second Semester: Coursework: 9 units minimum

18 units, maximum

Research Proposal 2 units, maximum

Third Semester: Research only: 9 units maximum

Fourth Semester: Research/Thesis Writing and Submission:

9 Units Maximum