Maseno University

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The Master of Arts programme in Literature is for those who would wish to specialize in the field of Literary art and postulates that have evolved in the art. Building on the undergraduate courses, the programme tries to enhance our understanding of African Literature in particular and that of the world in general.


The aim of the programme is to:

i. Train specialized human resource so as to improve literary research, creativity and criticism.

ii. Relate the developments in Literature to historical and sociological changes.

iii. Sharpen the research, interpretive and writing skills of the student.


Admission into the programme is open to holders of Bachelor of Arts Degree Upper Division or above (and equivalents) in Literature. Bachelors of Education holders with Literature will be eligible for admission. Preference will be given to single-majors in Literature.


The programme takes a minimum of two academic years distributed over four semesters of full time attendance, and a maximum period of four years of part-time attendance from the date of registration.


Coursework includes lectures in selected fields, discussion groups, seminars and examinations. The first year consists of coursework, which lasts for one academic year (two semesters). The second year is mainly taken by proposal writing, field research/creative project, the writing of the thesis/creative project and oral examination.