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The department is designed to give comprehensive training in all phases of textile, design and merchandising. The programme is expected to produce textile science specialists, designers and merchandisers that will have the breadth of knowledge to achieve success in their specialized areas.

The objective of the Master of Arts in Apparel design degree is to develop the students’ potential for research and the technical and analytical skills needed in the design of new products and processes, and for careers in the Apparel industry, in research, in government agencies and in higher education. The degree is a thesis-based programme where students conduct independent investigation. Students may specialize in the following areas:

a) Dress and human behavior

b) Consumer aspects of apparel

c) Historic and cross-cultural costume and textiles

d) Textiles Science and design

e) Apparel for Special needs.

f) Advanced textiles for interiors.

a) Candidates must have obtained the minimum University admission requirements.

b) Candidates must satisfy admission requirements to the Faculty.

The duration of the programme shall normally be two academic years of four semesters of full/part-time attendance and shall not exceed a period of four academic years from the time of first registration.


a) The MA programme in Textiles Design and Fashion Merchandising shall normally consist of course work, examination and theses, normally covering two years distributed over four semesters of full/part-time attendance provided that attendance shall not exceed a period of four academic years from the date of registration.

b) The courses are offered in units. A unit is defined as a three-hour lecture and or five-hour practical session per week per semester

c) The Master’s Programme shall consist of a minimum of forty five (45) Units, and a maximum of fifty eight (58) units of coursework, examinations and thesis, distributed over four semesters.

d) The courses will be offered as follows:

First Semester: Course work: 4 units minimum 6 units max.

Second Semester: Course work: 4 units minimum 6 units max.

Research Proposal 1 unit

Third Semester: Research 3 units

Fourth Semester: Research/Thesis submission 3 units


a) The Maseno University, Postgraduate examination rules and regulations shall apply.

b) Examinations shall be held at the end of the semester in which the courses are offered except for thesis work.

c) Each taught course shall be assessed by one-three hour written examination constituting 60% and continuous assessment tests constituting 40% of the total marks

d) Students must pass examinations in all courses offered. The pass mark shall be 50%.

e) Independent Study shall be graded as: Pass or Fail.

f) Maseno University Masters Degree grading system shall apply.