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The Department of Creative and Performing Arts offers courses in Film and Theatre Studies leading to the award of Maseno University Certificate. Upon successful completion, learners may progress to the Diploma level. This course is meant to build the capacity of Film and Theatre practitioners in the field who require basic skills and knowledge. The course will also give the learners an opportunity to access university education through value addition of content at the diploma level.


The objectives of this programme are to:

a. Provide learners with an opportunity to develop practical and creative skills in script writing and acting for film and stage productions.

b. Equip learners with knowledge necessary for promotion and development of Film and Theatre in schools and community.

c. Equip learners with knowledge to enable them access diploma Programme


University admission requirements shall apply
Applicants must have a minimum of D+ aggregate at KCSE or its equivalent
c. Teachers involved in schools production and wish to further their knowledge on Film and Theatre studies OR,

d. Successful performance at departmental auditions. The department of Creative and Performing Arts shall hold audition to determine placement of learners in terms of practical, performance and technical knowledge. This will entail:

i. Theory paper - to test candidates knowledge and application of elements of drama, hence drama and film literacy, written script, marked out of 50%

ii. Practical Performance – to gauge candidates mastery of a performing medium and repertoire interpretation judged through acting a given role, marked out of 50%

Candidates scoring a total of 60% and above will be eligible for admission, subject to meeting other university entry requirements.


The duration of the course shall normally be two academic semesters; full time.


a. Courses shall be offered in units. A course unit is defined as that part of a subject described by a coherent syllabus and taught normally over a period of a semester. For this purpose 1-one hour lecture is equivalent to 2-one hour tutorials or 3-hour practical or any combination as may be approved by the curriculum board of the department of Creative and Performing Arts.

b. The normal full load for two academic semesters shall be a minimum of 8 units and a maximum of 12 units.