Maseno University

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The Certificate programme provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of social work and community development. The course takes a multi-sectoral approach in laying the foundational knowledge (theory, skills, values and practice) in social intervention. The course equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to identify and confront the contemporary social problems of the day and provoke them to seek solutions in a professional way.


The objectives of the programme are to;

a) Equip Students with Knowledge and Skills in Social Work;

b) Enhance Students Knowledge and Understanding of Contemporary Social Problems;

c) Impart Students with Skills in Evaluating Community Projects;

d) Lay a foundation for Enhancement of Graduates to Diploma in Social Work or any other related Discipline.


a) The University admission requirements shall apply.

b) A candidate must have attained a minimum grade of D+ in KCSE or its equivalent.


The duration of the programme shall be 2 semesters. In the one year students will major in different Social Science disciplines with focus on Social Work.


a) Courses are offered in terms of units as defined by the University.

b) There are core and prerequisite courses.

c) Core courses are mandatory.

d) Prerequisite courses are basic to other courses as prescribed by this programme.

e) The minimal load shall be 8 units and a maximum of 12 units