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Maseno University invites eligible candidates to submit sealed applications for pre-qualification of suppliers and service providers for various categories of goods, works and services specified below for the Financial Year    2020/2022   

A complete set of tenders /registration of suppliers advertisement and the documents may be downloaded  at no cost.

Bidder’s shall submit an original and a copy of the tender documents clearly marked “original”  or “copy” and packaged together. Sealed and dully completed tender documents in plain envelopes indicating Tender Number and without identifying the sender must be addressed to:-


And be deposited in the tender box situated at the entrance to the Administration Block College Campus on or before Wednesday 21st October, 2020 at 10.00 am. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the Procurement Department Boardroom-Main Campus.   Interested bidders or their representatives are invited to attend the opening session.  Late bids shall not be accepted.
1.    Bulky bid documents shall be hand delivered to Procurement Office and should be duly registered.
2.    The Youth, Women, and Persons Living with Disabilities MUST be registered with the National Treasury (attach a copy a valid AGPO Certificate and identity cards).The AGPO certificate must be valid.
3.    All current registered suppliers MUST APPLY afresh.
4.    Youth, Women, and Persons Living with Disabilities are encouraged to apply.
5.    Results of the Registration process shall be posted in the University Website.

Ag. Senior Procurement Officer
For. Vice Chancellor







1 MSU/PQ/01/2020/202 MSU/PQ/01/2020/202 Supply & Delivery of Foodstuff (Perishables)  Special Groups
2 MSU/PQ/02/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/02/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Foodstuff (Non-Perishables)  Special Groups
3 MSU/PQ/03/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/03/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of General Office Stationery & Consumables  Special Groups
4 MSU/PQ/04/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/04/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Detergents, Soap & Cleaning Materials  Special Groups
5 MSU/PQ/05/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/05/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Bottled Drinking Water and Soda  Open to all
6 MSU/PQ/06/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/06/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Designed Promotional,Advertising& branded Items Special Groups
7 MSU/PQ/07/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/07/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Sporting Goods, Gear & Equipment Special Groups
8 MSU/PQ/08/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/08/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Computers Printers, Scanners, Copiers & Lcd  Special Groups
9 MSU/PQ/09/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/09/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Textbooks & Library Related Materials Open to all
10  MSU/PQ/10/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/10/2020/2022 Design & Printing of Accountable Documents  Special Groups
11  MSU/PQ/11/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/11/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Motor Vehicles & Motor Bikes  Open to all
12 MSU/PQ/12/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/12/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Lubricants & Cooking Gas)  Open to all
13  MSU/PQ/13/2020/2022  MSU/PQ/13/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Office Furniture, Furnishings & Fittings  Open to all
14 MSU/PQ/14/2020/2022    MSU/PQ/14/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Motor Vehicle Spare Parts ,Tyres & batteries  Open to all
15  MSU/PQ/15/2020/2022  MSU/PQ/15/2020/2022 Supply, Delivery & Installation of Firefighting Equipments & First Aid Kits  Open to all
 16  MSU/PQ/16/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/16/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Hardware and Building & Plumbing Materials, Electrical Parts & Fittings  Open to all
17 MSU/PQ/17/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/17/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Beer, Wines & Spirits  Open to all
18 MSU/PQ/18/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/18/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Human Drugs, Dressing, Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical Products  Open to all
19 MSU/PQ/19/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/19/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Laboratory Chemicals, Reagents, Glass Ware & Equipment  Open to all
20  MSU/PQ/20/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/20/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Material for Uniform & Other Linen Materials  Open to all
21  MSU/PQ/21/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/21/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Fertilizers, Farm Chemicals & Livestock drugs  Open to all
22  MSU/PQ/22/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/22/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Animal Feeds & Day old chicks(Broilers, Layers & Rooster)  Open to all
23  MSU/PQ/23/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/23/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Vegetable & Pasture Seed  Open to all
 24 MSU/PQ/24/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/24/2020/2022   Supply, Delivery, Installation & Service of Network Equipment & Structured Cabling (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Modems, LAN Wireless Devises, Network Monitoring Tools, Fibre Optics Termination Boxes, Patch Panels, Cord Organizers and Network Cabinets)  Open to all
 25 MSU/PQ/25/2020/2022 Supply, Delivery, Installation & Service of Media Broadcast Equipment for Radio & TV & Print  Open to all
 26 MSU/PQ/26/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/26/2020/2022 Supply and Delivery of Electronics Equipment  Open to all
 27 MSU/PQ/27/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/27/2020/2022 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Support of Microsoft Products  Open to all
 28 MSU/PQ/28/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/28/2020/2022 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems  Open to all
 29 MSU/PQ/29/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/29/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of PPE Kits and other Covid 19 Related Items  Open to all
30 MSU/PQ/30/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/30/2020/2022 Supply, Delivery and Installation of IP-PABX and IP Telephone Systems  Open to all


 31  MSU/PQ/31/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/31/2020/2022 Provision of Fumigation, Pest Control & Sanitary Services  Special Group
 32  MSU/PQ/32/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/32/2020/2022 Provision of Medical Consultancy Services  Open to all
 33  MSU/PQ/33/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/33/2020/2022 Repair & Maintenance of Farm Equipment/Machinery  Open to all
 34  MSU/PQ/34/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/34/2020/2022 Maintenance & Repair of ICT Equipments  Special Groups
 35  MSU/PQ/35/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/35/2020/2022 Servicing & Maintenance of Lawn Mower & Power Saw  Open to all
36  MSU/PQ/36/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/36/2020/2022 Repair, Maintenance & Servicing of Gas Cooker Burners  Open to all
 37  MSU/PQ/37/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/37/2020/2022 Provision of Event Management Entertainment Services E.G.Tents,Chairs,Exhibition,Decorations  Open to all
 38  MSU/PQ/38/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/38/2020/2022 Provision of Interior Office Designs Decorations & Partitions Services  Special Groups
39 MSU/PQ/39/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/39/2020/2022 Repair, Support and Maintenance of IT Equipment Special Groups
40 MSU/PQ/40/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/40/2020/2022 Repair, Maintenance & Servicing of Motor Vehicles (Panel Beating & Spray Painting) Open to all
 41  MSU/PQ/41/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/41/2020/2022 Provision of Air Ticketing Services (IATA/KATA Registered Firms)  Open to all
 42  MSU/PQ/42/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/42/2020/2022 Provision of Signage & Outdoor Advertising Services  Open to all
 43  MSU/PQ/43/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/43/2020/2022 Provision of Marketing & Advertising Agency Services  Open to all
 44  MSU/PQ/44/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/44/2020/2022 Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment  Open to all
 45  MSU/PQ/45/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/45/2020/2022 Repair, Maintenance & Servicing of Plants( Generators, Boilers & Posho Mills)  Open to all
46  MSU/PQ/46/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/46/2020/2022 Provision of Auctioneer Services Open to all
47  MSU/PQ/47/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/47/2020/2022 Provision of ICT Software & Support Services Open to all
48  MSU/PQ/48/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/48/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/48/2020/2022 Provision of Maintenance & Servicing of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Open to all
49  MSU/PQ/49/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/49/2020/2022 Provision of Legal Services Open to all
50  MSU/PQ/50/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/50/2020/2022 Supply & Delivery of Swimming pool Chemicals & Accessories Open to all
51  MSU/PQ/51/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/51/2020/2022 Repair and Maintenance of Telephone Equipment, Fax Machines and PABX Open to all
 52  MSU/PQ/52/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/52/2020/2022 Maintenance of Integrated Security Systems (CCTV, Alarms and Access Control) Open to all
53 MSU/PQ/53/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/53/2020/2022 Provision of IT Training Services Open to all
54 MSU/PQ/54/2020/2022 MSU/PQ/54/2020/2022 Provision of Audit, Procurement Matters & Public Finance Management (IPSAS & IFRS) Training Services Open to all