Maseno University

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Equity Bank’s representative from Luanda Branch, Mr.Peter Lubale said the initiative is part of the Bank’s 35 year’s celebration plan which seeks to have 35 million trees planted across the country as a way of giving back to the community.

Speaking during the event, Prof. Raphael Kapiyo, who is Maseno University’s Chairman of Environment and Sustainability Committee said, “We have so far planted trees on over 10 acres and we hope to plant more trees on the remaining portion of land. We have mainly planted Eucalyptus Saligna and Grevillea Robusta Species.”


Equity Bank's Mr. Peter Lubale(black t-shirt) handing over tree seedlings to Maseno University's Chairman of Environment and Sustainability Committee, Prof. Raphael Kapiyo (Red Checked shirt) during a tree planting exercise at the Maseno University's Forest