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Department of International Relations & Diplomacy

In this era of globalization of social, economic, political and scientific activities of nation-state and non-state actors, an understanding of how the international system operates is critical to national and international development. This programme is designed to enable students understand the international system and how it affects states and societies worldwide.The end of the Cold War and the triumph of capitalism over socialism have resulted into a new global order that revolves around a multiplicity of actors that are more interdependent than ever before.

The notion of sovereignty is being transformed as inter-state relations are increasingly being shaped by global goals rather than the conventional national interest. There is need for new concepts and theories for understanding the evolving international system. This programme is designed to facilitate research in the emerging issues in International Relations and Diplomacy to enhance a holistic understanding of the emerging concepts, theories and practices in this field.


Prof. Fredrick O. Wanyama
Prof. Fredrick O. Wanyama, BA, MA, PhD.   
School of Development and Strategic Studies,
Maseno University,
Private Bag Maseno.
Tel: +254 057 351620/2 Ext. 3151


Postgraduate Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations.

Master of Arts in International Relations.


Undergraduate Programmes

BA International Relations and Diplomacy with IT.



Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Diplomacy


Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Diplomacy