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Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing Sciences was created in January 2012, as a requirement for the Medical School to offer nursing skills course, which is done by medical students in the first year of training. After its establishment, the department started Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in September 2014. This is one of the clinical departments in the School of Medicine. The department is mandated to train nursing courses for undergraduate students in the school.
For the five years since the department was created, the department has coordinated nursing courses for Nursing and Medical students at the school of Medicine. The members of staff have also been involved in service provision at teaching hospitals as well as professional activities of Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) and National Nurses Association of Kenya (NNAK). The departmental offices are located in Siriba Campus in Maseno. Clinical / Practical experience is acquired at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH), Kisumu.

Our national healthcare system requires innovative solutions from healthcare professionals in order to meet the demands of changing trends of morbidity in our current society. Nursing as a profession has a unique role to meet increasing complex client needs brought by these changes. To prepare graduates to meet these challenges, our curriculum is grounded in science as well as the art of nursing and incorporates information technology to address education and practice needs for the 21st century. Our graduates are trained to uphold professionalism and provide evidence based nursing care as well as nursing leadership, research and education.
As nurse educators, we are committed to training of health professionals responsive to regional, national and global health needs.

To be a center of excellence for training of skilled and competent nursing professionals capable of providing quality nursing care and leadership, engage in research and generate, preserve and disseminate new knowledge in nursing.

To train competent graduates responsive to local, national and global health needs, and proficient in evidence-based practice, education, research and leadership in nursing

Our Nursing program is developed on the premises that man is a rational being and if empowered with relevant knowledge and skills, he/she is capable of planning and making rational decisions concerning his/her health. In realization of this potential, it acknowledges that Nursing Education and Practice should intervene by providing care, support and hope in peoples’ lives so that the desire to live, think and decide can be restored. It also takes cognizance of the fact that the world is a global village and the need for Information, Communication Technology is not an optional extra but a mandatory requirement for a professional to compete in the ever changing global trends



Ms. Linda Mogambi

Chair of Departments


Address: P.o.Box Private Bag, Maseno


RN, BScN. (Moi) 2007

MScN. (UON) (Pediatric Nursing) (2011)

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Mrs. Gladys Mooka


Address: P.o.Box Private Bag, Maseno


RN, BScN. (UEAB) 2002

MScN (Community Health Nursing) (2009)



Ms. Indrah Onwonga


Address: P.O. Box: Private Bag, Maseno


RN, BScN. (UEAB) (2010)

MScN. (Critical Care Nursing) (Witwatersrand) (2014)



MS. Joan Cheruiyot


Address: Private Bag, Maseno


MScN. (Medical Surgical Nursing)


Undergraduate Programes

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

Department of Nursing Science

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Department of Nursing Science