Maseno University

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BA History Programme

Programme Objectives

  1. equip students with fundamentals of historical and archaeological knowledge;
  2. enable students undertake research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and disseminate research findings;
  3. equip students with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes that would make them useful participants in the socio-economic and political development of society.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the University.
Applicants must also satisfy the entry requirements for admission to the Faculty.

Duration Programme

The duration of the programmes shall normally be four (4) academic years.

Degree Structure

The department offers courses within the degree structure of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Course Structure
The department offers courses in terms of units as defined by the University.
There are CORE, ELECTIVE and REQUIRED courses.  Core courses are mandatory while elective courses may be chosen by students from an approved list of courses in fulfilling the full-time load requirement.  Required courses are approved by departments within and outside the Faculty.
The normal full-time load for one academic year shall be at least 42 units but not more than 48 units.

Course units from the department shall be distributed as follows:
A minimum of 12 units in  each of the first two years and a minimum of 21 units in each of the subsequent two years for the degree pattern; and
A minimum of 12 units in each of the first two years and a minimum of 42 units in each of the subsequent two years for the degree pattern.


AHI 101:    African History to 1885                 
AHI 102:    History of Europe since 1900                  
SCS 101:    Introduction  to Computers                    


AHI 103:    African History since 1885                   
AHI 104:    African Historiography                   
SCS 114:    Introduction to Spreadsheet and Databases          
SCS 112:    Desktop Publishing                       


AHI 201:    History of Kenya to 1895                  
AHI 202:    African Economic History                   
SCS 203:    Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design       
SCS 204:    Operating Systems                      


AHI 203:    History of Kenya since 1895                   
AHI 204:    African Women in History                  
AHI 205:    African Environmental History               
AHI 206:    Africa and the Black Diaspora              
SCS 214:    Management Information Systems              


AHI 301:    Research Methodology in History               
AHI 302:    Health, Disease and Ecology in African History     
AHI 303:    Constitutional History of Kenya               
AHI 304:    History of the Horn of Africa                   
SCS 306:    Internet Computing                       
SCS 310:    Maltimedia Graphics                        


AHI 305:    History of East Africa since 1880               
AHI 306:    History of Political Ideas                  
AHI 307:    History of Imperialism & Nationalism in Africa      
AHI 308:    United States and Africa since 1850              
AHI 309:    Field Trips
SCS 324:    Statistical Analysis with SPSS               


AHI 401:    Philosophy of History                       
AHI 402:    History of Urbanization in Africa               
AHI 403:    Historiography of Kenya                   
AHI 404:    Holocausts and Genocides in Modern History       
AHI 405:    Egypt and the Nile Valley to the present           
SCS 409:    IT and Society                          
SCS 404:    Principles of Functional Programming          


AHI 406:    Research project (                  
AHI 407:    History of Southern Africa since 1800          
AHI 408:    History of the Middle East since 1900          
AHI 409:    Transformation of South East Asia since 1900      
AHI 410:    Origins and Development of Economic Thought       
AHI 411:    History of Industrial Relations                3 E
AHI 412:    Protest, Rebellion and Power in East African History   
SCS 416    Human Computer Interaction                   
SCS 427:    Social and Professional Issues in Computing           
SCS 433:    Advanced Database Systems