Maseno University

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Programme Overview
The programme aims at training scholars in modern languages by equipping scholars with a good grasp of the principles and techniques of linguistic analysis.  In addition, the programme exposes students to current issues and theories in the various branches of Linguistic analysis.

    1. The Programme is designed:
    2. To train highly qualified scholars in the study of modern languages;
    3. To develop professional translators, interpreters, speech therapists, and editors;
    4. To train specialized researchers to generate a body of knowledge in Linguistics as a discipline of study.

  • ALN 801:    Morphology
  • ALN 802:    Recent Developments in Grammatical Theories    Core
  • ALN 803:    Generative Phonology
  • ALN 804:    General Research Methods I
  • ALN 805:    Contrastive Linguistics and Error Analysis
  • ALN 806:    Applied Linguistics  


  • ALN 807:    Semantics and Semiotics
  • ALN 808:    Sociolinguistics
  • ALN 809:    Seminar in Language Studies
  • ALN.810:    Historical and Comparative Linguistics
  • ALN 811:    Language Planning & Policy in Kenya
  • ALN 812:    Stylistics: Language and Literature
  • ALN 813:    Psycholinguistics
  • ALN 814:    General Research Methods    

  • ALN 899:    Research collection Analysis and Dissertation Writing


  • ALN 899:    Thesis writing, Thesis Submission and Defense


The M.A degree programme in Linguistics shall normally take a minimum of two (2) academic years and a maximum of four (4) years for full time students.  For part time students, the programme shall take minimum of four (4) years and a maximum of Six (6) years.

Courses are offered in units in which a unit is defined as one-hour lecturer per week per semester, two hours of tutorials or three hours of practical per week per semester.
The entire programme shall consist of a minimum of forty-two (42) units of course work and dissertation.

The Maseno University Senate regulations shall apply.

Candidates shall be required to pass all courses registered for in a given programme.
The pass mark shall be 50%
Assessment at the end of the course work shall consist of:

  • A written examination which shall normally constitute 60% of the total marks in each course.
  • Continuous coursework assessment based on essay and such other tests as the regulations of the Department may prescribe. This shall normally constitute 40% of the total marks.
  • The conduct of all examinations administered by the Department shall be in accordance with University regulations governing Master of Arts Degree Programmes of Maseno University Senate.

University regulations shall apply.