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Department of Meteorology,Climate Change & Development.


Climate change is an emerging environmental and developmental issue whose impacts can hinder the attainment of Millennium Development Goals and Vision 2030. It is one of the most pressing and most complex problems facing society in the 21st century Therefore; this new undergraduate degree programme offers the opportunity for learners to study climate change from a unique multi-disciplinary perspective at Maseno University.  The curriculum addresses the science and causes of climate change, impacts and vulnerabilities, responses to climate change at global, regional, and national levels in various sectors of development and finally, the adaptation and mitigation strategies developed.  The practical courses which are Remote Sensing, Surveying, Cartography and GIS equip students with the latest of the art technology relevant to data acquisition, manipulation and management of spatial phenomena. Field Work and Industrial attachment are designed in a way that students are able to relate theory and practice using the field as the laboratory within which observations and scientific enquiries are made.
The discipline offers a wide range of courses leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Climate Change and Development with IT. BSc Climate Change and Development graduates can easily contribute in all sectors of the economy development since climate change is an environmental, physical and socio-economic problem.

2.0    Objectives
1.    To equip graduates with an integrated understanding of the science as well as socio-economic impacts of climate change
2.    To enable graduates map the footprints of human actions across the globe and monitor the dynamics of climate change in the land, atmosphere and marine bodies.
3.    To develop an investigative approach to the impacts of climate and environmental change on people and places and seek to sustainable adaptation and mitigation measures.
3.0    Admission Requirements
To be admitted to the Department BSc Climate Change and Development with IT, applicants must;
Satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the University
Satisfy the entry requirements for admission to the department of Climate Change and Development which must be at least a B in Geography and a C+ in any three of the following; Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.:



Undergraduate Programmes:




Department of Meteorology,Climate Change & Development