Maseno University

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Department of Peace & Security Studies

The development of any nation is significantly dependent on the safety and security of its citizens, yet globalization has widened the challenges to the maintenance of peace and security by the modern state. These challenges are increasingly leading the state to involve ordinary citizens in the process of maintaining peace and security more than ever before. Effective participation of citizens in this process requires an understanding of peace and security. This programme is tailored to offer basic training in the issues that inform the nature and maintenance of peace and security in society.

The diploma programme in Peace and Security Studies is intended to enable students:
a) understand the nature and significance of peace and security in society;
b) effectively participate in the maintenance of peace and security in society; and
c) acquire knowledge that can qualify them to pursue further studies in this field.



Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Peace & Security Studies



Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Peace & Security Studies