Maseno University

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Department of Business Administration

Achievement Celebrated

Our Objectives:
1.    To increase the enrolment into Marketing and Management Department programs and courses by 100% by the end of 2 years.
2.    To enhance classroom performance by providing clear guidelines on course content delivery and assessments on semester basis.
3.    To facilitate staff capacity development through recommendations for training and scholarships opportunities for at least one departmental staff per year.
4.    To promote the culture of research and publications so as to achieve a level of one publication per departmental faculty per quarter.
5.    To participate in at least one community outreach service and/or Management and Marketing consultancy annually.

Our Philosophy:
At the department we value Accountability & Fairness.  We celebrate hard work, are keen on merit, welcome diversity and encourage oneness. We strive to excel in excellence every step of the way.

Our Vision:
To be the epitome of Academic Excellence in the provision of Human Resource Development in the field of Marketing and Management

Our Mission:
The primary mission of the Marketing and Management Department is to educate and serve the diverse needs of our students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders and to promote successful Marketing and Management career development so as to fulfill industry skills requirements and create new opportunities.



Chair of Department


Address: P.o.Box 333- Maseno.

Qualification:PhD(Maseno), MBA(Maseno), B.Com(UoN)
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Dr. Beatrice Abong’o (PhD)



Address: P.o.Box 333- Maseno.

Qualification:PhD st.(Maseno) (MBA(UoN),B.Com(Karnataka)
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Dr. Fredrick Onyango Aila (PhD)

Address: P.o.Box 333 Maseno, 40105, Kenya.


  • PhD (Maseno)
  • MBA(Maseno)
  • B.Com(UoN)

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Mr. Cainan Ojwang'

Address: Marketing & Management Department,
P.o.Box 333 Maseno, 40105, Kenya.

Qualification: PhD st. (Maseno)

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Dr. Christine Bando Ochieng (PhD)


Address: Marketing & Management Department,
P.o.Box 333 Maseno, 40105, Kenya.

Qualification: (Maseno) MBA (Maseno)
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Mr. Samson Ntongai



Address: Marketing & Management Department,
P.o.Box 333 Maseno, 40105, Kenya.

Qualification: MBA (Maseno), BBA (Maseno)

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Dr. Mise J.K (PhD)

Email: /

Address: Maseno University, School of Economics & Bussiness,
Private Bag, Maseno, Kenya.

Qualification: B.B.A, M.B.A (Annamallai Uvn.),P.G.D.E (Mas. Unv)
PhD Unv. of Kerala

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Doctorate Programmes


PhD in Business Administration

PhD in Business Administration
PhD in Marketing
PhD in Human Resource Management
PhD in Entrepreneurship
PhD in Strategic Management
MBA(Options: Entrepreneurship, HRM, Marketing, Strategic Management)


Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Business Administration

Msc Human Resource Management
Msc Business Entrepreneurship

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration

B. Sc in Marketing Management with IT
B.Sc in HRM with IT
B. Business Entrepreneurship with IT
B.A Business Studies with IT
B. Business Administration with IT (Options: Marketing, Management, HRM, Entrepreneurship)

Diploma Courses

1.    Diploma in Business Administration
2.    Diploma in Management
3.    Diploma in Human Resource Management
4.    Diploma in Sales and Marketing
5.    Diploma in Strategic Management
6.    Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Short Courses

1. Entrepreneurship,
2. County Management,
3. Exporting,
4. Marketing,
5. Customer Retention