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BSc Botany

The Department of Botany and Horticulture offers B.Sc. with IT programme for students specializing in botany with other departments and also offer service courses to other departments.  In addition to other departments' courses in the Faculty of Science, the students are required to register for some relevant courses in other faculties of the university by following the Department and Faculty of Science regulations.  Specialization in Botany commences in the third or fourth year of study and such opportunities are offered, on application, to students whose performance during the past two or three academic years must be outstanding (maintaining a mean grade of B) in order to be admitted into major in Botany with IT.


The courses are designed to stimulate student's interest and understanding in Botany with some computer knowledge and prepare them for careers in research in relevant government and non-governmental institutions, and also as workers in industry, private sector and as teachers of Biology in secondary schools.
  1. The specialized courses offered in third and fourth years are designed to produce high quality graduate for research in specific disciplines in Botany such as Plant Ecology, Taxonomy and Economic Botany, Mycology, Pathology, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Microbiology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.
  1. Candidates who intend to take BSc. Botany with IT must have obtained the University and Faculty of Science minimum admission requirements.

Program Duration: The programme degree will normally take four academic years.

Programme Structure

  1. Candidate shall take at least 12 Core units in each of the first 2 Years of study.  Other units are taken from other departments within the Faculty of Science. Some relevant courses may be taken from other faculties according to the Faculty of Science regulations.
  2. The courses are offered in units, in which a course unit is defined as one hour lecture, a two-hour tutorial or a three hour practical session per week per semester.
  3. Normally, in the third and fourth years candidates shall take courses in two Science departments, giving a (3:3:2:2) structure in which candidates are allowed to be a major, a regular, or a minor in Botany

    Department as follows:-
  4. a major in Botany: a minimum   of 30 units
  5. a regular in Botany: a minimum of 21 units
  6. a minor in Botany: a minimum   of 12 units.
  • A candidate may major exclusively in Botany in third and fourth year by taking either (3:3:1:1) or (3:3:2:1) respectively, provided an aggregate mean grade of B or above is maintained in the previous two years.
  • Selection of elective courses shall be done in consultation with the department.
  • During each semester, a student will be required to take 2 courses from the computer department as prescribed

Postgraduate Programmes

MSc Botany
Ph.D in Botany in Horticulture
Ph.D in Horticulture


Undergraduate Programmes

B.Sc Botany
B.Sc in Horticulture (With IT)


Diploma Programmes



Certificate Programmes

BSc Botany

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