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BSc Physics

The Department of Physics offers courses for the undergraduate degree programmes.  The programmes are designed to cover both theoretical and experimental Physics through lectures, tutorials, and laboratory experiments.  The courses have been appropriately chosen to allow for sufficientg flexibility to permit and encourage students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills for application in a variety of scientific and technological establishments.Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Physics is to train and produce graduates with an in-depth knowledge in both the practical and research aspects of Physics.  The teaching and research programmes are designed to equip the students and staff with skills suitable for application in the wider job market as well as for sustainable exploitation of the vast natural resource potential for national development.

The objectives of programme are to establish:
  • a firm foundation for the scientific and technological¬† needs and aspirations of Kenya;
  • a capacity for postgraduate studies and research
  • an appropriate potential for sustainable scientific and technological development.
  • Admission Requirements
    Candidates who wish to register for courses in the programme must:

    1. Satisfy the University and Faculty of Science admission requirements
    2. Have a minimum mean grade of C in both Physics/Physical Sciences and Mathematics at KCE or its equivalent.

    Duration of the Programme:

    The duration of the programme shall normally be four academic years.

    Degree Structure

    The course are offered in units, in which a course unit is defined as a one-hour lecture, two-hour tutorial or three-hour practical session per week per semester.
    Students will normally be expected to follow a 3:3:2: degrees.
    Students may, at the discretion of the department, follow a 3:3:2:1 or 3:3:1:1 degree structure as defined by Faculty of Science regulations.
    In the first year of study, a candidate shall take 12 units.
    In the second year of study, a candidate shall take a minimum of 12 units.
    In the third and fourth years of study, a candidate shall in each year take Physics courses following one of the three categories given below:

    Major in Physics: a minimum of 30 units
    Regular in Physics: a minimum of 21 units.
    Minor in Physics: a minimum of 42 units
    Specialisation in Physics: minimum of 42 units

    BSc Physics

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