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Maseno University Farm


The Maseno University farm is an agro based production-unit-venture of the University. Its with the mandate is to produce and supply quality farm products to the University eating outlets, and sell  to ensure food security and generate income for the University. The farm is also mandated to participate in programmes to alleviate food insecurity that is manifested in malnutrition and poor health.The farm is currently engaged in the production of quality crop and livestock products to sustain the student’s food requirements.  Apart from providing a platform for teaching and research for the agriculture based courses, the farm also provides an opportunity for interactive outreach and extension services by being a model farm attracting visits by individuals, groups and organizations. It is a centre for knowledge dissemination to improve agricultural productivity in the region and facilitate into addressing food insecurity that is currently a threat to the rural livelihood. The farm has qualified staff in the field of agriculture. It also  and adequatehas adequate land for production and demonstrations.
The farm is currently embracing modern technology in agriculture, including Controlled Environment Agriculture to enhance efficient utilization of recourses and improve farm productivity and food quality sustainably?. Thequality. The farm is also implementing high value enterprises, like apiculture and fish production that are efficient in terms of land utilization and does not have  aserious negative impact on the environment.

The main aspiration of the farm being a farm of the University that takes lead  socioin socio-economic development is to be a model farm in Western Kenya region and beyond.
The University Farm’s main operations include; horticulture, poultry, pig production, dairy, Meat processing, fish production, bee keeping, value addition addition and Sales and Marketing.
In Horticulture the farm is embracing Controlled Environment Agriculture to minimize dependence of  weather for sustainable quality supply all year round.

Poultry- the farm is keeping birds to supply both meat and eggs
Pig production-The farm keeps pigs to supply pork and breeding pigs to farmers.

Dairy- the farm keeps superior dairy breeds to supply milk and milk products and also breeding bulls to farmers that cannot readily access AI services.
Meat processing- The farm undertakes to buy young beef animals that are fattened and processed for sale, other products processed included  poultry and pig products.

Fish production- The farm is engaging in fidsh production to be able to supply healthy diverse protein  andsources and for extension purposes.

Bee keeping- the farm is engaging in apiculture to diversify its food products and to promote environment friendly enterprises.

Value addition- The farm adds value to its products to expand its product market and earn extra revenue.

Sales and Marketing- The farm undertakes branding and marketing of its products in line with vision 2030.

The farm is composed of units undertaking various activities. Each Farm Units is headed by a unit farm assistant reporting to the farm Manager and with functional staff and support staff.  The heads oversee activities in their areas of operations. Maseno University Farm operations are monitored and surveyed by the manager through the person in charge of quality assurance and ultimately by the office of the DVC-PES. Operational shortcomings, challenges are duly noted by the appropriate personnel and every effort is made to render the execution of planned actions more efficiently and effectively