Maseno University

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Vice- Chancellor Prof Dominic Makawiti (centre), Ilmo Anttila, Coordinator of International Affairs Centria Univercity (left), Merja Seppala Student Counsellor Centria University (right) during the meeting in the VC’s Boardroom.

Maseno University has entered into partnership with Finland’s Centria University in a bid to promote the study of social sciences in both institutions.

The Vice Chancellor Maseno University, Prof Dominic Makawiti recommended the partnership and believed it will be a solution to many challenges facing Kenya. ‘We believe this will in the long run help solve societal challenges like crime and extensive drug abuse mostly caused by luck of employment’, he said.

The two institutions agreed to extend the bilateral agreement through exchange programmes, exhibitions and cultural shows between the institutions of diverse cultural backgrounds.

While speaking at the Vice Chancellor’s office during a courtesy call recently, Centria University’s Coordinator of International Affairs and Senior Lecturer Ilmo Antila revealed that there has been a tremendous increase in the number of students taking social sciences in their institution. He attributed the high number of social science students to increased societal malfunction like unemployment in Finland.
‘Though most students normally opt for science courses, the Government of Finland has invested a lot in the study of Social Sciences in the hope that the graduates will provide solutions to the problem-marred society’, he said.      

Centria University’s lecturer and Student Counselor Ms Merja Seppal reiterated the need for more efforts to be put into teaching Social and Applied Sciences because it will change the general perception of the society. She added that out of ignorance, some societies have held onto unscrupulous beliefs that have worked against them; hence the collaboration will help alleviate such behaviors. 

From Left: Dr Felix Kioli, Chairman Sociology Department; Vice- Chancellor Prof Dominic Makawiti; Merja Seppala, Student Councellor Centria University; Ilmo Anttila Coordinator of International Affairs Centria University; Prof Rosebella Onyango Director School of Public Health; Prof Suzzy Gumo, Dean School of Arts and Social Sciences; Prof Wilson Odero, Dean School of Medicine and Jaspher Otieno, Director Public Relation.