Maseno University

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Service Charter

The administrative structure of the University is designed to provide efficient and effective service. The Student is the
focal point of all the major activities of the University.

We provide the following services:
1. Training students for various degree and diploma courses
2. We undertake collaborative research
3. We provide technical backstopping to institutions/organizations
4. We provide a repository for knowledge

To make sure you receive a high quality service, we have made these commitments to you:
• We will create a welcoming atmosphere in our reception areas.
• We will provide a courteous, friendly and informative service within the Centre and in all dealings with all customers.
• We will develop and support our staff to deliver these commitments.
• We will attend to you as soon as possible.
• We will deal with your inquiries professionally and politely.
• We will listen to your views and suggestions on service, facility and equipment provision, and programmes and deal with any complaints quickly.
• If we cannot answer your questions ourselves, we will put you in touch with someone who can help you.
• We aim to get the service right first time.
• We aim to deal with your inquiry at the first point of contact.
• We will endeavour to communicate widely and effectively to members about any promotions and developments and opening hours, etc. in the Centre.
• We will set standards based on feedback, measure how well we meet them and publish the results.

We encourage our clients to give us a feedback on timelines, quality and responsiveness of our services. Genuine
complaints, suggestions or compliments should be channeled through the address given in this charter or deposited
on the suggestion box located at the Reception.
Please tell us what you think of our services and standards and whether you think we are meeting them. We would
appreciate any comments and/or criticism you may have.