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You are here: Institute of Gender Studies

Institute of Gender Studies

Welcome to the Institute of Gender Studies, where we are passionate about creating a more equitable, and just society.
Gender relations influence every sphere of life. They are the key to understanding the world today: globalization, politics and development. All these have a gendered component. At the institute we are guided by the questions: What impact do social relationships between women and men have on society? How can development be planned and implemented so that society is inclusive of all, and not just one gender?

Our program is interdisciplinary, offering students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels a well-rounded curriculum experience that prepares them for success, both in their studies and in their careers.

The Institute of Gender Studies also works with the University community to share experiences on diverse gender issues, including gender mainstreaming, prevention of gender based violence and promoting equity in the workplace.

To be a center of excellence in gender and equality issues.

To produce quality and qualified professionals equipped with adequate knowledge, skills, professional attitudes and competencies usable in social transformation for a gender equitable world

The Institute aims to:
1.    Contribute towards developing equitable and effective development through the training of gender and development professionals based on cutting edge knowledge an skills.
2.    Conduct action research for the development of a vast knowledge and information base on gender issues
3.    To continually strive towards gender mainstreaming at all levels of the University through sensitization, training and monitoring and evaluation

Programs offered
1.    PhD in Gender and Policy Studies
2.    PhD in Gender and Development
3.    MA in Gender and Development
4.    BA in Gender and Development