Maseno University

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Youth Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation held in Maseno University


Dean School of Business and Economics, Dr. Benjamin Ombok addressing participants during the Youth Hub Summit in the University Board room. Listening are DR. Charles Ondoro (centre) and Dr. John Mark (left) both Chairmen of Departments in the School of Business and Economics

The Kenya Youth Hub held the second Youth summit on entrepreneurship and innovation at the University boardroom on 13th March 2015.

The event whose theme was: “Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship” attracted students from all the Schools in the institution.

Kenya Youth Hub is an entrepreneurial organization incubated last year by the School of Business and Economics of Maseno University to empower youths through innovations and entrepreneurial skills. The main objective of the organization is to empower, nurture and incultate culture of thrift innovation among the youths in Kenya and Africa at large.

The organization was founded by Mr. Dancun Njue, a fourth year student undertaking a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree at Maseno University.

The event was officially opened by the Dean School of Business and Economics Dr. Benjamin Ombok who advised the youth to do things not for immediate gain, but for future benefit.

“Have change in the mindset according to the circumstances and environmental issues affecting you currently,” he noted.
He further gave approaches to facing challenges in life: “We should learn to change complaints to commendations, look at challenges as opportunities and having a proactive reaction to issues than reactive,” he added.
Mr. William Omamo, a successful entrepreneur and founder of KnK Chilli paste in Kisumu, gave knowledge on journey to being a successful entrepreneur.

He outlined emerging opportunity gaps in the market industry that need to be utilized by the upcoming youth who want to venture into entrepreneurship.
He urged the youth to have a good vision that can have impact on others and not self-centered. He encouraged them to be innovative and invest as an avenue for generating income. “Don’t keep ideas to yourself. Be innovative and build on your confidence,” he advised.
The same was echoed by the Coordinator of Kenya Youth Fund Nyanza Region, Mr.Cleophas Odhiambo who urged the youth not to rely on being employed so much since the country is flooded with graduates who are looking for employment. “Instead, we should come up with business ideas and look for funding to improve the projects,’ he advised.

Executive Director, RESTECH, Professor Wellington Otieno encouraged the youth to be innovative. He noted that the wealth of a country depends on how well it utilizes its natural resources adding that in Africa skills and intellectual resources are not well utilized. He advised the students to create wealth for the country through the internalized knowledge and use it to change the world by making it a better place. “A degree is not a must have thing for you to venture in business,” he challenged.

Magazine Reel founder, Mr. Dennis Shisia wrapped it all by virtue of being a young successful entrepreneur who has won awards for being innovative. Magazine Reel is an online newspaper that carries information about what happens in campuses across the globe, seeks correspondents in every university and so creating jobs for people. He urged students to apply and earn something by writing.

The youth were encouraged to join Kenya Youth Hub for more information and skills on how to transit into the world of entrepreneurship and establish contacts with the potential employers at hand. This will help in creating self-dependence and reliance thus alleviating corruption and crimes. They will also learn how to use innovation to create economic and social opportunity in the world.

The event was graced by representatives from Kenya Youth Fund, Kenya National Debate, Magazine Reel, Business Entrepreneurs and a team from the School of Business and Economics
The event was moderated by a presenter at Urban Radio, Mr. Chris Okinda.