Maseno University

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Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Julius Nyabundi Officially welcomes First Year Students.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Julius Nyabundi (in black coat) with Student Organization of Maseno University (SOMU) officials at the Graduation Square, after he officially welcomed this year’s first-year students. SOMU is the student governing body of the University. With them is Deputy Director of Student Affairs, Mr. Kweya Opande (standing, right, from the VC.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Julius Nyabundi (in gown), exchanges pleasantries with a section of the University’s officials as he arrives to address the first-year students at the graduation Square in Siriba Campus.
Maseno University has admitted about 3,800 first year students placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS). The students reported on August 15th 2016.

The registration and orientation exercises culminated with the address by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Julius Nyabundi, who outlined the importance of integrity, cohesion and inclusivity during the students’ stay on campus.
Delivering his speech at the Graduation Square, Siriba Campus, Prof. Nyabundi said that the University administration has the responsibility of engaging in continuous and constant dialogue with students to ensure they succeed in their studies.

“Work hard, study hard, listen hard to your lecturers and professors and get the real certificate with a stated and relevant Bachelor’s Degree,” he advised.
He added: “though you are an adult, the University has gone a mile further to create offices that host help-desks for you.  The Division of Academic and Student Affairs has a Directorate of Students’ Welfare where there are qualified Guidance and Counseling staff whom you should feel free to visit and they will have programmes for you to help you freely.”

Prof. Nyabundi also highlighted the possible challenges that the students may face during their stay at the University and urged them to manage their freedom responsibly as they would have no chaperones to check on them every now and again as was the case in high school.

Activities included: issuance of registration and admission guidelines, address by various departments and life skills talks, among others.
The occasion was the first of its kind to be graced by Prof. Nyabundi whose tenure as the Vice-Chancellor of the University kicked off in February this year.

Maseno University is in the process of implementing a Disability mainstreaming policy that aims at promoting inclusion and addressing barriers that exclude Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) from full and equal participation in the institution.

As part of its commitment towards the cause and in line with the Disabilities Act No. 14, 2013, the University has already established a disability mainstreaming committee that has a 30 percent allocation of its staff to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

The Act states that persons with disabilities are allowed to retire at the age of 65 and also exempted from tax payment. This is not only in Kenya but in all countries in the world that are aware of persons with disabilities.

A first-year student during a question-and-answer session at the Graduation Square when they were addressed by the Vice-Chancellor.


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