Maseno University

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Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Julius Nyabundi Officially welcomes First Year Students at Kisumu Campus.

Ag. Director Kisumu Campus  Dr. Benjamin Ombok, Welcomes First year Students to Kisumu Campus.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joesph Chacha (in Suit), exchanges pleasantries with a section of the University’s Peer Educators Students and staff at the  address of the first-year students at Kisumu Campus
Prof. Julius Nyabundi, Vice-Chancellor, Maseno University, addressed ‘Freshers’ at the Kisumu Campus on Monday, 26th September 2016.

Delivering his speech at the Kisumu Campus, Prof. Nyabundi said that the University administration has the responsibility of engaging in continuous and constant dialogue with students to ensure they succeed in their studies.

“Focus and determination will make you succeed in your studies here at Maseno University. Don’t give up,” he advised. “You are settling in a very competitive University which you should feel proud of and even count yourself lucky to have been selected to join.”

Prof. Nyabundi also highlighted the possible challenges that the students face during their stay at the University and urged them to manage their freedom responsibly as they would have no chaperones to check on them every now and again as was the case in high school.

Dr. Benjamin Ombok, Acting Director of Kisumu Campus said: “We are awake to the fact that we have three admissions in a calendar year at Kisumu Campus. Thus making the transition of students fast at this campus.”

Kisumu Campus was started with the sole purpose of increasing access to University education.  The University Management felt the need to bring the University to the people who are most convenienced by studying in the city near their workplaces, near their businesses, near their houses and homes. 

Prof. Nyabundi also encouraged the students to spread the word to all those with a C+ and above to seek admission into degree courses so that they can build a profession and a career. 

Present during the address were Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Deans, Directors and departmental heads.

First-year students pay attention as they  were being addressed by the Vice-Chancellor.


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