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Some of the academic staff deliberating on an emerging research idea

To be a focal point for effective and efficient training, research and dissemination of knowledge.

Striving to inject social, cultural and human development dimensions into academic life in the University while producing practical-oriented graduates for the development of society through competitive and demand-driven programmes.


The School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) is one of the pioneer schools which were established at the inception of Maseno University in the year 1991. The School has registered phenomenal growth and has nurtured various departments into two more schools, namely, School of Business and Economics and School of Development and Strategic Studies. Currently, the School is has eleven departments, Linguistics, Literary Studies, Communication and Media Studies, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy, History and Archeology, Music and Theatre Studies, Kiswahili and other African Languages and French and other Foreign Langauages and Soiciology and Anthropology. The departments offer various programmes at Certficate, Diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Research & Publication in the  School of Arts & Social Sciences

The western region where Maseno University is situated provides the faculty a truly rich, fertile and diverse area for research activities. Indeed, geographical positioning in the heart of western region of Kenya has encouraged us to capitalize on the rapidly growing region as our laboratory and inspiration. All departments are involved in ground breaking research complimenting discipline-based research conducted in the various departments. Our research has given focus to the globalised and consistent flows of information, thoughts and practices.

Research Scientists from the school

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Our programme content is designed to include coursework, industrial attachment, fieldwork, continuous practical assessment and involvement, which expose students to real life experiences in their fields of study. Our wide range of The programmes is designed to cultivate the spirit of self-driven endeavour in the search for and dissemination of knowledge in our learners. The programmes are developed in line with Kenya’s aspirations as embodied in Vision 2030 and 0. . The programmes are accredited by the Commission for University Education, a body mandated to oversee adherence to standards in Universities in Kenya.

Students from our school are adequately equipped with relevant knowledge and skills which foster independent learning. The purpose of this approach is to develop in the learner a sense of critical inquiry into and analysis of existing knowledge which are critical in social and technological and industrial development. In this way, our programmes are responsive to market dynamics. .. Our alumni are valued in the job market because of the competency they display in the employment industry.

The Our undergraduate programmes are offered with Information Technology (IT) and the school endevours to ensure that they meet industry demands. In order to meet the demands and targets set by the school vision, mission and core values, SASS has transformed its programmes to reflect the needs of Kenya as a nation and the world at large. Approximately 300 students graduate from the School in various programmes each year at both undergraduate and post-graduate level.

One of our popular programmes is Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Technology with (IT). Maseno was the first University in Kenya to offer this programme at degree level. The Department has also expanded its horizons by offering Masters and Doctor of Philosophy programmes at post-graduate level. The flagship radio station, 98.1 Equator FM, provides a hands-on experience to our students undertaking the programme.
The Department of Music and Theatre Studies has blended programmes of Music into drama and theatre studies. This has given the Department a unique niche among institutions that offer courses in these disciplines.

The Department of Art and Design offers exceptional programmes in Interior Design and Textiles with Masters in Apparel Design. The Department is geared towards providing the necessary educational background and training for those wishing to enter design profession. The varied programmes in Art and Design are designed to develop an atmosphere intended to stimulate creativity and innovation in art and design.

The Departments of Linguistics, Literary Studies, Kiswahili and other African Languages and French and other African Languages offer a conducive environment for an interdisciplinary inquiry into the study of the literary and linguistic forms that occur in natural language. Our students apply their skills in the study of such forms through field linguistics and industrial attachment. In the Department of Linguistics, virtually any language, artificial or natural, can be studied at Maseno University at any level.

The Departments of History and Archeology, Religion, Theology and Philosophy and Psychology are aimed at contributing to the acquisition of new knowledge in a rapidly changing world. The knowledge produced is relevant in dealing with emerging issues in the social, spiritual, psychological and historical spheres of life.

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers programmes in sociology, anthropology, criminology and social work. The programmes prepare students for engagement in various spheres of socio-economic development and human endeavour. Moreover, graduates in these varied programmes in the department are well grounded for research and consultancy.

Research and other Academic cActivities

The visibility of faculty in the School of Arts and Social Sciences is evidenced in the numerous conferences and seminars they attend in addition to the partnerships, linkages and collaborations with other institutions of higher learning around the globe. Faculty and students have benefited from exchange programmes in regard to teaching, learning, research,and dissemination of knowledge .The School organizes for conferences, seminars and workshops in conjunction with other institutions of learning locally and internationally such as the recent Maseno-Lousville (USA) Conference organized by the Department of History and Archeology.