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Department of Botany

Department Overview
The Department of Botany and Horticulture is under the faculty of science. We offer both undergraduate and graduate programmes. At undergraduate level students are admitted in two degree programmes, namely BSc (Basic sciences) with IT and BSc (Horticulture) with IT. Students who are admitted in the BSc (basic Sciences) with IT programme register for courses in the department and other courses in relevant departments to fulfill the Faculty of Science requirements, of which a third must be Information Technology courses. Specialization in Botany commences in the third year of study and such opportunities are offered, on application, to students whose performance during the first and second years academic years must be outstanding (maintaining a mean grade of B).

Our department places the highest priority on excellence at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Emphasis is placed on students acquiring broad training in their discipline and special expertise in their area of focus. In Botany, students are introduced to the science of plants including plant cell biology microbiology, physiology, ecology, taxonomy, mycology, plant genetics and biotechnology among others. The course is blended between lectures and laboratory and field practicals to acquaint the students with the practical application of botany.

The horticulture programme introduces the applied plant science where fundamental and applied studies related to nursery, landscape, flower, vegetable, fruits, medicinal crops, agribusiness, and greenhouse technology are taught. Practicals go hand in hand with the lectures.

The department is quite vibrant in graduate studies, both at Master and doctoral levels and is committed to producing high quality researchers in their areas of specialization. There are varied options in botany such as Plant physiology, Plant Ecology, Microbiology, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Plant Taxonomy and Economic botany, and Agroforesty. In Hoticulture, Research is concentrated in areas such as soil science, pomology, olericulture, floriculture, plant breeding, crop physiology among others.


Dr. D. M. Musyimi, PhD


Dr. D. M. Musyimi

Senior Lecturer of Botany, 



Address: P.o.Box 333 Kisumu


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Postgraduate Programmes

MSc Botany
Ph.D in Botany in Horticulture
Ph.D in Horticulture


Undergraduate Programmes

B.Sc Botany
B.Sc in Horticulture (With IT)


Diploma Programmes



Certificate Programmes