Maseno University

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Department of Human Anatomy.
1 Dr. Willis Oyieko. Chairman. MMed, General Surgery.
2 Dr. Charles Nyakinda. MMed, Orthopaedics.
3 Dr. Dominice Marera PhD, Human Anatomy.
4 Dr. Walter Adero MMed. Orthopaedics
Department of Surgery and Anaesthesiology.
1 Dr. Caesar Bitta. Chairman, General Surgery
2 Prof. Stephen W.O. Ogendo. Cadiothroacic Surgery
3 Dr. Stephen Okelo Anaesthesia and Critial Care
4 Dr. Tobias Otieno.
Orthopaedics and Traumatology
5 Dr. Emmaculate Opondo. Dental Health
6 Dr. Victor M. Njom. Ophthalmology
7 D. Nevil Okwiri. Ear Nose and Throat
Department of Medical Physiology
1 Prof. Gideon Magak Chairman
2 Dr. Micheal G. Owiti
3 Dr. Kennedy Odoyo
Department of Meidical Biochemistry.
1 Dr. Wilson Okumu. Chairman
2 Dr. Benson Nyambega.
3 Dr. Samuel B. Anyona.
Department of Medical Microbioloy
1 Dr. Scolestica Korir Chairperson
2 Prof. Rose Kakai
3 Dr. Wycliffe Masante
Department of Medical Laboratory Science
1 Dr. Samson Adoka
2 Dr. Peter Ouma
Department of Human Pathology
1 Dr. Mbayah Estabale Chairman
2 Dr. Simon N. Onsongo
3 Prof. Peter. Ojwang
4 Dr. Peter Asaava
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
1 Dr. Kennedy Ouma Chairman
2 Dr. Amos O. Oyoko
3 Prof. Wilson Odero
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
1 Dr. Stephen Gwer Chairman
2 Dr. Jackton Omoto Associate Dean
3 Dr. Akwabi Wameyo
4 Dr. Kayes Muruka
Departmetn of Pharmacology
1 Dr. Mary A. Onyango Chairperson
2 Dr. Molly E. Okoth
Department of Psychiatry
1 Dr. Edwin Nyaura. Chairman
Prof. Omolo.
Department of Radiology
Dr. Washington Otieno.
Dr. Zablon Bett.
Department of Internal Medicine
1 Prof. James Jowi. Chairman
2 Dr. Farida Kaittany
3 Dr. Wamlwa Nalwa
4 Dr. Jack Nyabundi
5 Dr. Angela McLigeyo
Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
1 Dr. Walter Otieno Chairman
2 Dr. Grace Nalwa
3 Dr. Edward Awuonda