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Welcome to the Medical Surgical Nursing Department,

The Medical-Surgical Nursing department came into being in the year 2017 in anticipation of the establishment of the School of Nursing in Maseno University. The department is one of the four other departments in the School of Nursing, Maseno University.

Medical-Surgical Nursing is the backbone of Nursing as it offers about 65% of the total courses offered in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN). The department offers courses that prepare the BScN student to acquire the highest levels of skills, knowledge and competency to care for adults and children with medical-surgical conditions.

The department staffing currently consists of four lecturers with diverse qualifications at the postgraduate level and other trainings, two clinical instructors, and one skills laboratory technician.
The department meets the BScN students’ needs through course lecturing, clinical teaching, and supervision of the courses related to medical-surgical Nursing. The courses offered in the department include Foundations of Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Critical Care and Nephrology Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Theater Nursing, Ear Nursing and Orthopedic Nursing. The department also co-ordinates teaching of basic Nursing Skills course the first year medical students, school of medicine, Maseno University.

The department takes pride in ensuring that the students are adequately prepared to deliver high quality health care services according to Evidence Based Practice (EBP) by ensuring quality teaching, supervision and outcome evaluation in every course. Our aim is to develop students with competencies in knowledge, diverse clinical skills, excellent professional judgement and decision making in provision of quality health care


Departmet of Medical - Surgical Nursing

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Medical - Surgical Nursing