Maseno University

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Fisheries Community outreach

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Maseno University is strategically located near Lake Victoria, which accounts for approximately 80% of total fish production in Kenya. Due to the location, the University through the department of Fisheries and Natural Resources is mandated to establishing itself as a center of excellence in fisheries sciences in the western Kenya region to offer outstanding teaching, research and consultancy services to all fisheries stakeholders.

Some of the community outreach programs for the University include:
 From laboratory to the world: connecting fisheries research to food security and poverty alleviation
 Participating in all professional national days i.e. national fisheries, wetland days etc
 Production of quality and affordable fish feeds and seeds (Nile tilapia and African Catfish) for local fish farmers
 Support youth and gender empowerment through agri-entrepreneurship programs such as integrated agri-aquaculture activities