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BSc Soil Science and Plant Nutrition with IT

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Degree structure:
(i) The programme is organized as a holistic major leading to B.Sc. degree in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition with IT. There are no course options. The courses offered includes only those courses deemed essential for this degree programme, and all candidates shall take all the offered courses. Special exemptions may, however, be awarded where a candidate is awarded credit transfer(s) in conformity with section 7.2 of this document. 
(ii) The professional nature of the programme necessitates that in a given academic year the candidates will take a minimum of 48 and a maximum of 54 credit hours, exclusive of Industrial Attachment and Research Project.
(iii) There will be a session in between the end of 3rd year and the beginning of 4th year during which students will go for industrial attachment for 10 weeks that is equivalent to 6 credit hours.
(iv) There will be an independent student’s research project conducted over the two semesters of the fourth year. The project is equivalent to 6 credit hours.


Programme duration:

The programme shall normally take eight academic semesters (15 – 17 weeks each), and a 10 week industrial attachment.

Admission requirements:
(i) Maseno University common admission requirements for degree programme shall apply
(ii) Applicant shall have at least C+ in Biology/Biological Sciences or B (minus) in Agriculture; C (plain) in Chemistry/Physical Sciences and C- in Mathematics or Physics or
(i) A Principal pass in Biology and Subsidiary pass in Chemistry and Geography/Physics/Mathematics, or 
(ii) A Credit Pass at Diploma level in Soil Science, Agriculture, Agronomy or Horticulture

Programme Courses 

Year one Semester one

ASS 101 Introduction to Soil Science 
AAG 101 Introduction to Agriculture in Kenya
SBT 101 Plant Structure and functions
AEC 101 Introduction to Microeconomics
PHT 112 HIV and AIDS, Determinants, Prevention and Management
SCH 102 Basic Inorganic Chemistry
MMA 106 Mathematics 
UCI 101 Foundation of Information Technology
UCI 103 Word Processing and Design of Presentation

Year one Semester two
AAG 102 Principles of Food Security 
AAG 103 Introduction to Microbiology
AHC 102 Basic Entomology
SCH 103 Basic Organic Chemistry
SCH 104 Basic Analytical Chemistry
MMA 107 Mathematics II 
AEC 102 Introduction to Macroeconomics
UCI 102 Computer communication System
UCI 104 Data Manipulation and Analysis using Spread Sheet

Year two Semester one
ASS 201 Soil Chemistry
ASS 205 Soil Biology
ASS 203 Soil Genesis and Classification
AAG 201 Basic Genetics
AAG 202 Introduction to Statistics
AAG 203 Plant Biochemistry
UCI 201 The Internet and World-wide Web
UCI 203 Desktop Publishing Techniques


Year two Semester two
ASS 202 Plant Nutrition
ASS 204 Soil Physics
AAG 204 Principles of Crop Production
AAG 205 Plant Breeding 
AAG 207 Technical Drawing
AAG 208 General Plant Physiology
UCI 202 Computer-based Information Systems 
UCI 204 Relational Database Management Systems

Year three Semester one
ASS 301 Soil Degradation I - Factors and Processes 
ASS 307 Fundamentals of Research 
AAG 302 Rural Sociology and Development 
AAG 306 General Topographical Survey 
AHC 308 Farm Power and Machinery 
AHC 310 Soil and Water Engineering 
UCI 301 Management of Information Technology Projects 
UCI 307 Introduction to GIS Modeling in Biological Systems



 Year three Semester two

ASS 302 Soil Fertility Management
ASS 304 Soil Survey and Land Evaluation 
ASS 306 Soil less Plant Growth Media 
ASS 308 Soil and Plant Testing 
ASS 310 Organic Farming
AAG 305 Weed Science 
UCI 302 Electronic Commerce
UCI 304 Experimental Design and Data Analysis

Third Session: Period between end of Year 3 and beginning of Y4
ASS 312: Industrial Attachment (10 weeks) 6 Credit hours


Year four Semester one
ASS 401 Soil Degradation II – Control Measures 
ASS 403 Tropical Soils I 
ASS 407 Remote Sensing and GIS in Land Use Management 
ASS 409 Land Use and Food Security 
AAG 401 Agricultural Extension 
AHC 404 Economic Entomology
UCI 401 Social and Professional Issues with IT 
UCI 403 Information Assurance and Security
ASS 405 Research Project I: Project Proposal 

Year four Semester two 
ASS 402 Soil Management in Rice Cultivation 
ASS 404 Tropical Soils II 
ASS 406 Agro-forestry and Land Use
ASS 408 Land Use Impact Assessment and Pollution Management 
AAG 410 Seed Science & Technology
AHC 408 Agricultural Policy and Law 
UCI 402 Human – Computer Interactions 
UCI 404 Special Topics in Contemporary ICTs;
ASS 405 Research Project II: Project Implementation and Seminar