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Department of Soil Science

The Department of Soil Science was established in 2012 with the 1st student intake in September same year. It offers undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in Soil Science. Besides, it offers service courses to BSc Agronomy with IT, BSc Horticulture with IT, BSc Agricultural Education with IT, and BEd. Science with IT degree programmes.

Programmes Offered:


  • Applicants must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the university.
  • Applicants must satisfy the entry requirements for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

The department offers course within the degree structure as spelt out by the faculty.


  • The Department offers courses in terms of units as defined by the Faculty; a unit is defined as one hour lecture per week per semester, or two hours of tutorial per week per semester, or three  hours of practical work per week per semester.
  • There are CORE, ELECTIVE and REQUIRED courses.  CORE courses are mandatory, while ELECTIVE courses may be chosen by students from an approved list of courses in fulfilling the full-time load requirement.
  • The normal fulltime load for one academic year shall be at least 40 units but not more than 48 units.

Course units from the department shall be distributed as follows:

  • A minimum of 12 units in each of the first two years and a minimum of 21 units in each of the subsequent two years for the degree pattern; and
  • A minimum of 12 units in each of the first two years and a minimum of 42 units in each of the subsequent two years for the degree pattern.


  • The general University examination regulations shall apply.
  • A written research project shall be marked out of 100% marks.
Prof. Dalmas Sigunga

Address: P.O. Box 333 – 40105 Maseno, Kenya


  • PhD
  • MSc.
  • BSc.

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Prof. Peter  A. Opala


Address: P.O. Box 333 – 40105 Maseno, Kenya


  • PhD
  • MPhil.,
  • BSc AGED & EXTN.

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PhD Soil Science

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Degree structure: 
(a) PhD programme degree in Soil Science shall be undertaken by course work, examination, research and thesis under guidance of supervisors.

(b) Senate shall normally appoint two supervisors for the candidate according to the School of Graduate Studies Rules and Regulations governing PhD studies. 


Duration of programme: 
The duration of the PhD programme shall normally be 3 years for a full time student and 5 years for part-time student.


Admission requirements:
Applicant must be a holder of any of the following:
(a) Master degree in Soil Physics, Soil Chemistry, Soil Biology, Soil Survey and Classification or Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition of Maseno University or of a recognized university.
(b) Other qualifications considered by Senate as equivalent to a Master degree in any branch of Soil Science.


PhD Soil Science Courses

Year I Semester I
ASS 911: Advances in Soil Ecology 
ASS 913: Advances in Soil Mineralogy and Chemistry 
ASS 915: Advances in Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility 
ASS 917: Advances in Soil Genesis and Classification 

Year I Semester II
ASS 912: Advances in Tillage and Soil-Plant Relations 
ASS 914: Advances in Soil and Plant Analysis 
ASS 916: Special Topics and Seminars 
AAN 918 Research Methods 

ASS 919: Research and Thesis Years 2 and 3 for full time student or
Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 for part time student