Maseno University

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Name  Dr. Okeyo David Odiwuor
Department  Department of Applied Plant Sciences
Address: School of Agriculture and Food Security
Department of Applied Plant Sciences
P.O. Box 333, Maseno, Kenya

PhD.  Horticulture, MSc. Horticulture, BSc. Horticulture

Ongoing Research: 1. Intercropping of African Indigenous vegetables to Reduce Tomato Wilt Disease Incidences
2. Evaluation of introduced tomato varieties for Resistance and Tolerance to Bacterial Wilt Disease

1. Okeyo, D., J. Fry, D. Bremer, C. Rajashekar, M. Kennelly, A. Chandra, D. Genovesi, and M. Engelke.  2010.  Freezing tolerance and seasonal color of experimental zoysiagrasses.  Crop Sci. 51:21-26
2. Okeyo, D., J. Fry, R. St. John, M. Engelke, A. Chandra, and D. Genovesi.  2010.  Sod strength and recovery growth of experimental zoysiagrass progeny. Appl. TurfSci. Vol. 45: 1015 - 1020.