Maseno University

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Name:  Prof. Barack Owuor

Department: Department of Applied Plant Sciences
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Address: School of Agriculture and Food Security
Department of Applied Plant Sciences
P.O. Box 333, Maseno, Kenya
Qualification:  BSc( Agric), MSc, PhD
Ongoing Research: Artemisia annua  improvement  for  agroforestry systems in the African highlands

1. Owuor, B. O.; S Gudu & A Niang( 2001 ) Direct seeding of Sesbania sesban for green manures in Agroforestry systems in Western Kenya. Agroforestry Systems.52: 23 – 25

2. Owuor, B.  O; S Gudu & J C Onyango (  2002 ) A seedling inoculation
test for  screening for resistance to Mesoplatys ochroptera. Agroforestry Systems 54: 193 –196

3. Owuor, B. O( 2004 ) Evaluation of provenances, clones, families and hybrids of Sesbania sesban for agroforestry development in western Kenya. In. Temu A et al. eds. Rebuilding Africa’s capacity for agricultural development: the role of tertiary education. Reviewed papers presented at ANAFE Symposium on Tertiary Agricultural Education, April 2003, ICRAF, Nairobi, Kenya 242 – 252.

4. Owuor, B. O  & G N Njoroge ( 2005 ) Controlled pollination and plant exploration in tree crops improvement: A Practical Monograph. ISBN 9966-923-05 - 5  Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Library, 49pp.

5. Owuor, B , M Ocaido & J Asimwe ( 2006 )Inventory of  Community Priority plant species found in Sacred habitats in the Lake Victoria Wetlands of East Africa.  Invited Paper for the International Symposium on Wetland Restoration, Shiga Japan 28 – 31 January 2006.