Maseno University

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Name  Dr. Peter F. Arama
Department  Department of Applied Plant Sciences
Address: School of Agriculture and Food Security
Department of Applied Plant Sciences
P.O. Box 333, Maseno, Kenya
Qualification: B.Sc (Hons) (Agriculture) (UoN), M.Sc. (Plant Pathology) (UoN), Ph.D. (Plant Pathology) (Wageningen Agr. University)
Ongoing Research: 1. Cassava post-harvest value addition for improved food and nutrition, security and better livelihoods in Kenya
2. Surface rainwater harvesting and utilization for domestic use in the small-holder farms in the Lake Victoria region


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2. Onyango, B.O., Palapala, V., Arama, P.F., Wagai, S.O., and Gichimu, B. 2011. Morphological characterization of Kenyan native wood ear mushroom [Auricularia auricula (L. ex Hook) Underw.] and the effect of supplemented millet and sorghum grains in spawn production. Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America 2:407-414.
3. Atieno, W., Wagai, S., Arama, P., and Ogur, J. 2011. Antibacterial activity of Moringa oleifera and Moringa stenopetala methanol and n-hexane seed extracts on bacteria implicated in water borne diseases. African Journal of Microbilogy Research 5:153-157.
4. Jackson H.O. Onyuka, Rose Kakai, David M. Onyango, Peter F. Arama, John Gichuki, and Ayub, V.O. Ofulla. 2011. Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of enteric bacteria isolated from water and fish in Lake Victoria basin, western Kenya. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 75:762-769.
5. Onyango, B.O., Palapala, V., Arama, P.F., Wagai, S.O., and Otieno, C.A. 2011. Nutritional analysis of some composted and non composted agricultural substrates used for production of Kenyan native wood ear mushrooms [Auricularia auricula (L. ex Hook) Underw.]. American Journal of Food Technology 6(9):804-816.
6. Arama, P.F., Owido, S.O., Wagai, S.O., Ogur, J.A., Mahagayu, C.M., and Atieno, W.O. 2011. Harvesting surface rainwater – purification using Moringa oleifera seed extracts and aluminum sulfate. Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. 3(6):102-112.
7. Mugiira, R.B., Arama, P.F., Macharia, J.M. and Gichimu, B.M. 2011. Antimicrobial activity of foliar fertilizer formulations and their effect on ice nucleation active Pseudomonas syringae pv. garcae (van Hall); the causal agent of bacterial blight of coffee. International Journal of Agricultural Research 6(7):550-561.