Maseno University

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Name Prof. Paul. O. Oleche
Department School of Mathematics,Statistics and Actuarial Scciences
Address: P.O Box 333, Maseno

Overview Currently the dean, School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. As the Dean he is responsible for among other things:

•  Preparing and revising, as necessary, academic programs for the School
•  Promoting and serving as a model for teaching professional achievement and
   professional service;
• Maintaining good working relationships with academic staff and administration in all
   academic and non-academic areas;
• Communicating effectively with various stakeholders within the University, surrounding
   community and county regarding the School;
• Maintaining effective communication between students, academic staff and Chairs within the School and with other academic unit personnel;
• Serving as a liaison with relevant professional associations and county and national regulatory and accrediting agencies;
•  Articulating University policy and procedures to members of the School.
• Articulating the budgetary needs of the School and overseeing the allocation and expenditure of resources;
•  Coordinating the use of facilities assigned to the School;
•  Maintaining student records;
•  Working with Chairs to encourage grant applications by academic staff members and to prepare proposals for outside funding of special projects.

Academic Research:









 Active in two areas:

1.    Spectral Analysis of unbounded operators.
This is an aspect of pure mathematics concerned with understanding of operators (mainly differential and integral) that do arise naturally in modelling, quantum physics and many natural problem setting. He has on-going research projects and has published extensively in this area. Currently he has two PhD students in this area alone. He also has two other PhD students in other related fields.

2.    Component Based Software Engineering
It is a well-known fact that software in use fall far short of the demand for it. Well known paradigms in software production like procedure oriented and object oriented programming have brought about accelerated software production from the state we were in the 1980s. However the production rates are still not satisfactory hence the new paradigm shift to component based approach. These moves will radically change the software industry and at the moment researchers are dealing with the emerging issues. The approach has already been deployed by companies like Microsoft in some of their latest products. His research work here has been concentrated on change management.