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Federation of Eastern Africa University Sports

Federation of Eastern Africa University Sports


On 22nd may 2024, Maseno University held a delegates meeting that was attended by the heads of Federation of Eastern Africa University Sports. There were twenty three universities that attended the meeting that represented the East Africa Community (Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya). This will be the 13th completion that will take place. Some of the games that will take place include outdoor i.e, football, rugby, netball, volleyball, hockey etc. and indoor games which include: chess, badminton, scrabble etc.

The main goal of the meeting was to discuss about the games that will be held on the 16th-20th December at Maseno University grounds and also inspecting the facilities that will be used during the games competition. Various topics were discussed that included:

  • General entries
  • Payment of deposits of fees due to the games
  • Announcement of the team’s sports, selections and draws
  • Final technical delegates meeting
  • Release of the final general program and fixtures
  • Pre games symposium
  • Final dates of individual entry
  • Final payments
  • Arrival, competition and departure dates.

    They mentioned some of the challenges that have happened in the previous competitions that should not recur which included:

  • Eligibility of students that is students should be of age not above 25
  • Students participating should not fake their credentials that is their identification cards.
  • Students cannot participate after graduating
  • Dates of due payments should be observed
  • Duration of each match should be observed
  • Universities completion should strive to be better than high schools sports completions.

The delegates discussed about the Federation of Eastern Africa University Sports handbook that had roles, rules and regulations as well as the consequences involved in different games.

Prof. Julius O. Nyabundi, Vice Chancellor Maseno University, appreciated the Federation for accepting and choosing Maseno University to host the Heads of Delegation meetings as well as the 13th federation sports competition. He gave positive insights that were; first the secretariat meetings should be permanently moved to Maseno University. He assured the delegates that the institution has enough facilities to hold the competitions and also good accommodation for the participants. He said that the sports will help share experience in the games and also emphasize on the development of talents.