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Hostels at Odera Akang'o Campus

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About The Hostels

Center 84 Hostels

Located about four hundred meters from Odera Akang’o Campus, Maseno University, and next to Yala post office.

Has the following:|

  • Four Floors,
  • Forty-six rooms with a maximum capacity of four beds per room.
  • Spacious rooms with adequate space to accommodate a maximum of four students comfortably.
  • A self-contained room with rump is provided for a physically challenged student on the Ground Floor

This contemporary styled hostel provides a comfortable atmosphere for students through safe, secure, friendly housing, with   each room designed for your academic and social needs. The stylish atmosphere, convenient location, easy access to public transport, makes Center 84 an exciting way to begin your stay in Yala.
All rooms are exceptionally large and provided with a comfortable mattress, wardrobes, reading desks and chairs to ensure that students' interests are well taken care of.

Common Facilities 

  • TV lounge
  • Dining area
  • Social public space on the rooftop,
  • Laundry area on the roof top
  • Kitchenette on each floor.

The WCs (bathroom units) and the shower cubicles are located at both sides of the floors with adequate number to take care of the students on each floor.

Contacts; 0728314880


The hostel provides internet connectivity, and a cable TV with connection to DSTV

The Lounge

There is a lounge area on the ground floor, where students can engage or host events.

Onsite management

Resident Manager is available on site with adequate Security both day and night.

 Convenient Store

A convenient store is located on the ground floor to provide easy access to basic necessities for students.


A common kitchenette is available on every floor for light cooking.