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Kenya Chemical Society 10th International Conference at Maseno University

Maseno University

The Kenya Chemical Society (KCS) is a non-profit organization registered in Kenya under the registrar of societies with main purpose of promoting the advancement of chemical sciences and technology in Kenya. The society is organized administratively in six (6) chapters as per regions in Kenya with coordination of the activities in the chapters by the National office. The chapters include: Nairobi, Western, North Rift, South Rift, Mt. Kenya, and Coast chapters. The National Office, for now, is domiciled in Nairobi at the Department of Chemical Science and Technology of the Technical University of Kenya.

The 10th international KCS conference will be held in June, 23-24, 2022 at Maseno University, Kisumu and will draw participants from local and international institutions. The theme for this conference is ‘Sustainable Development through Green Chemistry, Innovation and Technolgy, which is aligns itself with sustainable development goals (SDGs) and focusing on the following objectives:

1. To share research ideas, methodologies and outcomes in Green Chemistry and Circular Economy.

2. To discuss issues of chemical safety and security alongside occupational health safety.

3. To initiate Responsible Care in Chemical Management

4. To address the challenges at the energy, materials, food, water nexus through green chemistry

5. To address the challenges of climate change, environmental pollution and mitigation strategies.


There will be invited keynote speakers in various thematic areas of chemical sciences and technology including:

1. Green Chemistry and Circular Economy in Research and Development

2. Innovative technologies and policies for Sustainable Development

3. Chemical Safety management and Security

4. Sustainable Agriculture, Water, Food Safety and Security

5. Responsible Care in Chemical Management.

6. Climate change, Environmental pollution and Mitigation

The conference will be held in blended mode at Maseno University on 23rd to 24th June 2022. See the flier attached for more information.

Thank you in advance.


Prof. Chrispin Kowenje:

Chairman, Conference Committee