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Mathematics STACK Workshop 2022 hosted at Maseno University

The Vice-Chancellor Prof. Julius Nyabundi Opens the the Mathematics STACK workshop

 On the 4th of July 2022, Maseno University hosted the 2022 mathematics workshop at the Maseno University amphitheatre. STACK is the world-leading open-source automatic assessment system for mathematics and STEM. In attendance at the workshop were students and lecturers from various Universities from across the country and East Africa.
Students and lecturers from the school of Mathematics have benefited from the use of STACK in their teaching and learning for the last 3 years. Initial statistics show 97% of our students like STACK and 87% of them pointed out the value of feedback in improving their confidence to carry on practicing their skills in mathematics. There is an overall feeling by students that they are getting a deeper understanding of content through increased engagement with content. Lecturers who have used it also feel they have benefitted particularly from the time saved marking CATs and the improved understanding they have observed in their students.

Participants at the Mathematics STACK Workshop

The event that was opened by Maseno University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Julius Nyabundi, with the main objectives for the workshop being:
1) To enable lecturers to integrate automated formative assessment into courses they are teaching at their universities in the 2022-2023 academic year 
2) To raise awareness of STACK, its benefits and the freely available resources tailored to Kenyan undergraduate studies as well as the potential of IDEMS International support as implementing partners.
3) To create a community of African educators working collaboratively to improve undergraduate mathematics education through open initiatives.