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School of Business & Economics

Year Abstract/Paper Journal Author(s)
2013 Existing trends in foreign exchange rates of Kenya’s main trading currencies.

 European Scientific Journal, 9(25), 286-292.

Obura, O.J., Mukras, M.S.; Oima, D. (2013).
2013 Financing sports in Kenya: A case of Kenya basketball federation.

Prime Journal of Business Administration and Management (BAM), 3(8), 1161-1170.

Obonyo, M.O. (2013).
2013 Uptake of task shifting as a community strategy in Kenya.

European Scientific Journal, 9(14), 176-184.

Mumbo, H.M.; Ochieng’, B.M.; Kaseje, D.O.; Aila, F.O.; Odera, O.; Ayugi, M.E. (2013).
2013 Comparative study on brand loyalty in Kenya and India consumer soft drinks markets.

Global Journal of Management and Business, 13, (3-E), 23-27.

Mise, J.K.; Nair, C.; Odera, O.; Ogutu, M. (2013).