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Mathematics Publications

Year Abstract/Paper Journal Author(s)
2004 On pattern recognition of Ito process in market price place.

In Environmental economics and investment assessment, (Aravossis, K., Eds), Wessex Institute of Technology Publishers, Wessex

Onyango, S.N.; Ingleby, M.
2007 Norms and spectrum of elementary operators in B(H).

African Journal of Science and Technology (AJST), 8(2), 8-17 (African Network of Scientific and Technical Institutions)

Nyamwala, F.O.
2008 Unitary equivalence of the unilateral shift.

East African Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 1(1), 121-124. (Moi University, School of Science Publication)

Simiyu, A,; Mile, J.; Rao, G.K.R.
2008 Modular structure of sl.(2).

Journal of Research in Physical Sciences, 4(3), 32-38. (The International Research and Development Institute)

Owino, M.O.; Ongati, O.
2008 Norms of Elementary Operators in Banach Algebras.

International Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 2, 411 – 424 (Hakari Ltd)

Nyamwala, F.O.; Agure, J.O.
2008 Similarity of operators in a Hilbert Space.

East African Journal of Pure and Applied Science, 1(1), 101-106. (Moi University, School of Science Publication)

Mile, J.K.; Simiyu, A,N.; Rao, G.K.R.
2008 Study of non-normal operators in a complex Hilbert space.

Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 19(2), 153-161. (International Centre for Advanced Studies, India)

Mile, J,K.; Rao, G.K.R.; Ogonji, J.A. Simiyu, A.N.
2009 An explicit operator splitting method for solving 1-D modified Burgers’ Equation.

Botswana Journal of Technology, 18 (2), 19-21 (Botswana University)

Korossm A.; Oduor, M.O.E.; Ongati, O.
2009 Unit groups of (k+1) index radical zero commutative finite rings.

 International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 57(1), 57-67. (Academic Publications)

Owino, M.O.; Chikunji, C.J.
2009 Unit groups of certain classes of commutative finite rings.

 Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 20(3), 275-280. (SpringerLink)

Owino, M.O.; Chikunji, C.J.