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Planning & Architecture Publications

Year Abstract/Paper Journal Author(s)
2011 Community organized household water increases not only rural incomes but also men’s work.

Journal of World Development.

Crow, S., Swallow, B. and Asamba, I.
2012 Establishing affordability of domestic water services in Kisumu City, Kenya.

International journal of economics and management sciences.

Wagah, G. G. and Onyango, G. M.
2013 Accessibility of students with physical disability to washrooms in Bungoma bus terminus, Kenya.

Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development, 24(1), 143-149.

Ochieng, M.A.; Onyango, G.M.; Wagah, G.G.
2013 Factors determining land use development in the unplanned suburbs of Kisumu Municipality, Kenya.

 International Journal of Arts and Commerce, 1(1), 1-23.

Kola, M.O.; Onyango, G.M.; Oindo, B.O.