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Education Psychology Publications

Year Abstract/Paper Journal Author(s)
2004 Stress related factors amongst primary and part-time care giving grandmothers of Kenyan orphaned children.

In Custodial Grandparenting: Individual, Cultural and Ethnic Diversity, (Hayslip Jr., B., Patrick, J.H. Eds), Springer: New York, pp 225–237.

Oburu P.O.; Palmérus, K
2004 Stress related factors among primary and part-time care giving grandmothers of Kenyan grandchildren.

The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 60(4), 273 – 282 (Baywood Publishing Co.),

Oburu P.O.; Palmérus, K
2005 Optimal utilization of educational resources in secondary schools: A case study of Kisumu District.

Maseno Journal of Education, Arts and Science, 5(1), 1-12. publisher

Olel, M.; Othuon, L.O.A.
2005 Care giving stress and adjustment problems of Kenyan orphans raised by grandmothers.

Infant and Child Development, 14(2), 199–210 (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd)

Oburu, P.O.
2005 Cultural normativeness as a moderator of the link between physical discipline and children’s adjustment: A comparison of China, India, Italy, Kenya, Philippines, and Thailand.

 Child Development, 76, 1234-1246. (Wiley-Blackwell)

Lansford, J.E.; Chang, L.; Dodge, K.A.; Malone, P.S.; Oburu, P.; Palmérus, K.; Bacchini, D.; Pastorelli, C.; Bombi, A.S.; Zelli, A.; Tapanya, S.; Chaudhary, N.; Deater-Deckard, K.; Manke, B.; Quinn, N.
2006 Reforms and challenges in Maseno University. Maseno University Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.

Journal, 1(2), 1-13, publisher

Othuon, L.O.A.; Kirop, L.; Ayieko, M.A.
2006 Bias in regression coefficient estimates upon different treatments of systematically missing data.

The East African Journal of Statistics, 1(2), 185-197. (African Journals Online) 

Othuon, L.O.A.
2006 Growing up and sexual maturation among the Luo of Kenya: Removing barriers to quality education.

Phoenix Publishers, Nairobi ISBN 9966-47-300-9.

Othuon, L.A.; McOnyango, O.; Ang’awa, F.; Ayieko, M.
2006 Stress-related factors among primary and part-time care giving grandmothers of Kenyan grandchildren,

In Custodial grand parenting: Individual, cultural, and ethnic diversity, (Hayslip Jr., B., Patrick, J.H. Eds). 1st edition, Springer Publishing Company, Inc. New York, pp 225-236

Oburu P.O.; Palmérus, K.
2006 It happened in Somanet.

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Mondoh, H.; McOnyango, O.; Othuon, L.A.; Sikenyi, V.; Changeiywo, J.M.