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Education Special Needs Publications

Year Abstract/Paper Journal Author(s)
2008 Educating deaf children in inclusive setting: Challenges and consideration.

International Electronic Journal on Inclusive Education, spring 08 

Oracha, P.A.
2008 Advantages of sign language in deaf education.

Journal for Disability and International Development, Welt, 1, 24-29 (Disabled People International)

Oracha, P.A.
2008 A report on Nyaweri HIV/AIDS awareness project of the deaf in Kenya. HIV/AIDS and Deaf Communities, Deaf Worlds.

International Journal of Deaf Studies, 22, 51-58. (Forest Books)

Oracha, P.A.
2008 Students with Special Needs and University Access in Kenya: What has gone wrong? In proceedings of the Second Workshop on Integration of Scientific and Technological Approaches for Community Development in the Lake Victoria Basin.

Maseno University. ISBN 9966-923-54-3. Vol 2,  97-100

Adoyo, P.O.
2010 Challenges and strategies of working with learners with low vision: Implications for teachers training.

Educational Research, 1(7), 226-231 (International Research Journals).spe

Yalo, J.A.; Indoshi, F.C.; Agak, J.O. Were, C.M.
2010 An evaluation of impact of low vision training programme on use of low vision devices in primary schools for visually impaired pupils in Kenya.

The International Journal of Learning, 17(3), 279-289.(Common Ground Publishing)

Yalo, J.A.; Indoshi, F.C.
2010 Prevalence and correlates of substance use and abuse among Maseno University students.

Maseno University Journal, 1, 27-32. (Maseno University Press) 

Winga, M.; Odeck, A.A.; Ondigi, B.A.
2010 Gender differences in self-concept and academic achievement among visually impaired pupils in Kenya.

Educational Research, 1(8), 246-252 (International Research Journals). 

Were, C.M.; Indoshi, F.C.; Yalo, J.A.
2010 Student Factors Influencing Performance of deaf Students in Mathematics in Kenya.

GYAN- The Journal of Education, 7(1):45-52. (Advance Institute of Management, India).

Were, C.M.; Indoshi, F.C.
2010 0 Architectural Barriers Experienced by People with Physical Disabilities in the Central Business District of Kisumu, Kenya.

Journal of Disability and International Development Issue no. 3/2010: pp 33-36

Appela, M.A.; Onyango, G.M.; Adoyo, P.O.